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Are you tired of the long delivery times of your supplier and wondering what you can do about it?

Well, we have the solution for you. We offer tailor-made solutions for companies in the e-commerce business.

We are your new partner, supplier and wholesaler all in one.

With us you don't need any inventory. We manage this ourselves. You only need to book one of our DROPSHIPPING PACKAGES and you can synchronize our products and stock with your shop. You receive orders and we deliver directly to your customers.

It's never been so easy. No more stress with long delivery times.

Are you ready to finally get started without worrying whether your customers will receive their parcel?

Then you've come to the right place!

Our team from Ladys World of Fashion will finally help you to promise SHORTER DELIVERY TIMES, finally you have a contact person who has been active in the e-commerce sector SINCE 2008 and can answer all your questions about the e-commerce business, Dropshipping, webdesign and webdevelopment, conversion rate optimization and advertising.

But that is not all!

As a thank you, we offer you 2-week MENTORING on all aspects of e-commerce and Dropshipping and advertising completely free of charge. We work as mentors for you for 2 weeks so that you can safely steer your business in the right direction and get started.

 We are a Good Fit When ...

You are Looking for a New Supplier with Short Delivery Times

We offer short delivery times of 3-5 working days within the USA

Some products needs a longer delivery time of 7-10 working days.

You Want to Start your Own Business in E-Commerce and don't Know Where to Start

Have you been thinking about starting an e-commerce business for a long time but don't know where to start? We can provide you with clarity about your business by talking about your personal passion and thus defining your niche. You are also welcome to book mentoring with us first

You Want to Have More Time for the More Important Things in Live and Finally Have Clarity About Your Offer

With our automated processes and thanks to digitization, you have more time for yourself and can make business-relevant decisions faster and more efficiently

You Want to Increase Your Sales with New Inventory

Increase your sales with our products

Don`t wait. Book one of our Dropshipping packages now.

Why you should consider Dropshipping with us and why we are the BEST:

You don`t need a lot of money to start your own Dropshipping business.
We offer ALL IN ONE solution. That means we can build a fully functional, professional online store which is full optimized for conversions and sales for only $4500 - One Time Fee with the Dropshipping One Time Fee inkluded!
We can sync products from any category in your selected niche or all products. You decide the niche and we build your store with our products already synced.
You can add more of our products or your own products later too if you want. There is no limit. This is up to you.
We not only design and develop your store if required, but optimize it for conversions too.
When your customers place an order we will get a notification and ship the item directly to your customer. Or you place the order manually on our store and then we ship it out to your customer with your selected shipping method.
We have more than 300 brands in our catalogue and new brands are added daily.
We can keep the products in sync with our product catalogue. You do not need your own inventory.
We are since 2008 in the e-commerce business and we know our stuff.
You will get 25% off on our retail prices so you will make profit. We also accept Wholesale orders.
Our products ships from USA, Canada, UK or Europe.
We have USA brands in our cataloque. 
We stricktly have faster shipping times. USA shipping time is only 3-5 days.
Shipping to other coutries is about 7-15 days.
Unlimited Dropshipping shipments.
Increase conversion rates using our catalog.
Purchase our  Dropshipping Subscription at discounted price (limited time only) with no additional costs. The costs for yearly Dropshipping subscription and the one time Dropshipping fee are not refundable.
Once you purchased our yearly subscription or our Dropshipping one time fee you are able to sell our products on your store.


    Frequently Asked Questions:
    How can we sync your products to our store?
    This is very simple. We can sync products using several methods. 
    When you receive an order simply place an order on our store with your selected shipping address and will ship the product to your customer.
    How long does the shipping take?
    Only 3-5 days to the United States. Standard Shipping takes about 7-10 days. To all other countries the shipping can take about 7-20 days. 
    Will I get a tracking number?
    Yes, you will receive a tracking number after we ship your order.
    Do you offer Webdesign and Re-Design Services too?
    Yes, we do offer professional webdesign and re-design services. Drop us an email and we send you our best offer to design your Dropshipping store.
    You want to start your own business without carring any inventory
    You want to add new products to your existing store and search for reliable dropshipping supplier
    You want us to build your store or redesign your store and add our products
    You want better shipping times for your customers
    You want to increase conversions using our cataloque
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